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Welcome to the Requiem Wiki, the comprehensive guide to Requiem:Memento Mori, written and maintained by your fellow players.

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General Topics
  • Introduction to Requiem:Memento Mori - Great for new players!
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Popular questions answered!
  • Basic Game Control - In-game commands and controls, and how to 'play' in general.
  • Levels - Basic introduction on how to level and EXP tables.
  • Stats - In-depth view on how stats work in Requiem.
  • Skills - Shows skill usage and how they work.
  • Races & Classes - Introduction to races and classes.
  • EXP Chart - Table of experience needed to attain each level.
  • Items - Description on items and how they work.
  • Monsters - Information on monsters.
  • Quests - Lists all available quests.
  • Game Mechanics - All the boring whatnots of Requiem's inner workings.
Specific Topics
  • Beast Possession System
  • Monster Appearance System
  • DNA System
  • Builds
  • Instance Drop Guide (S2)
Requiem News
  • None
Wiki Community

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Rules • FAQ
Answers to questions, and rules here!

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  • Basic Controls
  • Quests
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  • Game Mechanics
  • Character Leveling
  • Stats
  • Skill Usage
  • Races & Classes
  • EXP Chart
  • Items
  • Monsters
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